What People are saying

"I have tried every product you can imagine. This is the only product that I have
ever tried that I noticed absolutely no holding tank odors. My experience is that simply by trying it, the
product will speak for itself.”

Chuck Cox
Knoxville, Tennessee

Why Kronen Is Better

Until now, most holding tank treatments attacked oders the old-fashioned way---by covering them up with chemical preservatives. The end result was a virtual sludge cocktail. And you know the pleasures of transferring that to a disposal tank.

Kill Odors at the Source

Kronen Holding Tank Treatment neutralizes, attacks and, more importantly destroys the source of odor, before it even starts.

Kronen Boosts Nature’s Own Mechanism

It uses a potent combination of naturally occuring micro-organisms that are engineered to break down and liquify organic materials. All your left with is a completely odorless liquid... READ MORE >

Why You Need Kronen

  • Neutralizes odors instead of
    covering them up
  • Liquifies waste and tissue for
    faster easier transfers
  • Requires less physical cleaning
  • Softens and reduces grease
  • Helps floats and sensors stay
  • Nature safe, formaldehyde-free